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It’s still time to submit a paper for our 9th conference in Würzburg, September 19-22. Deadline for submissions is June 15th, 2018.

In case you are unsure how to handle the submission process, here’s a short description:

  1. Please go to and register for the website. The link for registering (“Register” with a small pen symbol) is in the gray field at the very top of the page, the second link from right. If you have already registered for the website, just click on the “Login” link.
  2. Then click on the white field directly below the gray field, labeled “Call for Papers. Submit your paper”.
  3. This will bring you to the “Call for papers” page with some explanation about the different submission formats (symposium, oral presentation, poster, panel discussion, expo booth). Please read this information carefully. There is detailed information about the requirements for the different formats, including poster size etc.
  4. Then click on the black link on the left side of this page, stating “Submit Papers”.
  5. If you have already submitted a paper, this will bring you to a list of your submissions (if not, this page shows only the "+Add new presentation" link). Notice that in the upper orange frame of each submission, you can see the title and the status (“submitted” or “submit presentation”, when the presentation is ready for submission, or blank, when there is information missing) of each submission. At the bottom of this page, you see an orange field with white letters: “+Add new presentation”. Click on this field.
  6. Now you see a page with the heading “Add new presentation”. Type in the title of your paper. Notice that there are orange dots with an “?” left to each field name. Move your mouse cursor over the “?” and you’ll see detailed information about the kind of information, expected for that field.
  7. If your submission is a symposium (i.e. a presentation with a chair and 3-4 individual papers), check the appropriate box.
  8. By clicking on the orange field “Create new presentation” at the bottom of this page, you get back to the page titled “Your presentations”. Now you see your (new) presentation with the title you assigned in the orange heading. Beneath the title is an orange field “Add paper for presentation [the title you assigned]”. Click on this field (NOT on the orange field at the bottom of this page “Add new presentation” – this would create a new presentation).
  9. Now you see a form. The first two fields of this form are drop-down menus. Choose the type of your paper (“Oral presentation”, “Poster” etc.) and the Category (program area) for your paper (ABA, AUT, OBM etc.). Type in the title of your paper. Type in the abstract of your paper (max. 200 words). Click on the orange field below “Add new paper”.
  10. You’ll get back to the page “Your presentations”. Now you see in the orange heading next to the title the text “Submit presentation” (with an arrow). You can now either delete the presentation (by clicking on the “x” next to the title of your presentation) or make changes to title and abstract (by clicking on the title in the white field beneath the heading), or finally submit the paper by clicking on “Submit presentation”. You can also add additional authors by clicking on “Add additional paper authors for [title of your paper]”. If you are not the presenting (first) author of the paper you submit, click on your name. You’ll see a form “Edit author [your name]. Here you can change the information about the presenting author.

When you have submitted the presentation, you should get an automated confirmation email immediately. If not, please write to for assistance.

If I can be of any assistance, please write to

Looking forward to your submissions and to meeting you in Würzburg


Christoph Bördlein

EABA Secretary

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